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nakonde orphanage project

Nakonde is a village near Lusaka, Zambia.

The Orphanage will initially be built to accommodate 60 children,
Ages 5 – 16, who will be provided with long-term parental care
(till adoption), qualitative education, counseling, recreation and
adequate supporting facilities that will make it a home.

There will be a total of 5 bungalows consisting of one multi-functional building (serving the administrative office) and 4 residential bungalows for the different age groups and genders.

The residential bungalows will consist of 2 large dormitory-style bedrooms, each accommodating 8 children, 1 bedroom for the matron in charge, a common/living area, kitchenette, toilets, bathroom/shower rooms and a laundry.

The multi-functional building will be a centrally located communal bungalow that would house the reception area, administrative offices (4), main kitchen, dinning area, the sick bay, the children study, laundry, and the living room/common
for Parents/ children.

Nakonde Artist Impression
Nakonde Artist Impression
artist impressions of Nakonde Orphanage
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We thank our partners worldwide. Our sincere appreciation to all Redeemed Christian Church of God Parishoners in UK and Ireland.

Andrew Adeleke
Chairman, AMUK