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“It doesn't matter what you put in... we pray
you will look on missions work in Africa
with compassion and answer our Macedonian
call.” - Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye.

In 1996, Pastor (Mrs) Adeboye visited some of the RCCG missions in West Africa. Her findings can be summarized in one phrase, "Africa urgently needs assistance". The west Africa missions committee was born, with a vision to assist all missions in the West African sub-region, ensuring that they have the basic infrastructure with which to function. Subsequently, the scope of the committee was enlarged to cover the rest of Africa, after Pastor (Mrs) Adeboye again visited missions in central, East and South Africa. The Committee was renamed to "The Africa Missions Committee".






We thank our partners worldwide. Our sincere appreciation to all Redeemed Christian Church of God Parishoners in UK and Ireland.

Andrew Adeleke
Chairman, AMUK