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about Us


To promote the spread of the gospel in Africa and around the world.

To promote the development of sustainable holistic programs in Africa and around the world.

To provide services that will improve the quality of life of children, youth and families in Africa and around the world.

1. To mobilize brethren who can reach out to the missions.
2. To sponsor the annual training of missionaries at the school of missions located at Ede, Nigeria.
3. To encourage all missions to sustain themselves through business venture.


How can you help ?

1. You can pray for the work of missions in Africa.
2. You can support the work of missions in Africa financially either through a pledge, donation or regular monthly contribution.
3. You can support a missionary or a pastor's training specifically for the work that is to be done in Africa.
4. You can choose to visit a mission when you are on holidays.
They would be delighted to have you and we will be glad you did.
5. You can communicate with the missions, by regular correspondence with the missionaries on the field.

Please get in touch with us at the address below;

Africa Missions UK
3 Herringham Road
Thanes Wharf
London SE7 8NY

Tel : 07837 047 485
email: info@africamissionsuk.org

AMUK is responsible for for countries in the South Africa region 1; Angola, Congo, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia with headquarters in Zambia.






We thank our partners worldwide. Our sincere appreciation to all Redeemed Christian Church of God Parishoners in UK and Ireland.

Andrew Adeleke
Chairman, AMUK